Lunar eclipse above Alsace
“Bloodmoon”, Alsace, 2018.

The July 2018 Lunar eclipse was somewhat special, as the Moon was then visually close to Mars, which itself was at its closest distance from Earth, something that happens only every 25 000 years. It explains why Mars is here so bright and visible below the Moon. At the contrary the Moon looks smaller than usual, as it was then the furthest away from Earth.

The Moon looks red during a Lunar eclipse because the sunlight is refracted by Earth atmosphere and illuminate the Moon, although it is in Earth’s shadow. Since the atmosphere scatter more the visible wavelength between green and violet, the resulting light is red.

Tools and exifs:

  • Canon EOS 450D + Canon 18-55mm IS
  • 39mm
  • 1,6 s.
  • f/5
  • ISO 1600

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