“Bridge”, Solberg, Alsace, 2011.

You can see this as an allegory of hacking.
Things have usually a purpose, for which they’ve been created. It’s a one way road in which you, the user, are a prisoner. Look on your left, there is an abyss. Look on your right, there is another. You are forced to follow the way intended. Usually though, most of the user won’t see it as a problem, or, if they do, they choose a fatalistic attitude about it, like “oh we should be happy that we have already that”. With time, most of the users don’t even try to look on the left or right any more, they look straight ahead the way that someone else has draw for them.

The hacker isn’t satisfied by the one way road, because he doesn’t see only the way in front of him: when he looks on his left, he see one way; does he look on his right? He see another. Sometime he even looks up and down and saw other ways.

But seeing the other roads isn’t enough, one must still find a way to reach them. And here comes the main characteristic of the hacker: with his knowledge of how things work, he can build a bridge to reach the other road.
And here we are when the hacker has done his “job”: like in the picture, there is the way intended, that you can still follow if you want, but besides you can follow another way, thanks to the bridge build by the hacker. This new road can lead somewhere else, or at the same place, but in a different way.

A lot of people today associates hacker with criminals, thanks to the mass-media (one way thinking), but never forget that without them, most of the computer and internet tools you’re using would simply not exist today.

Tools and exifs:

  • Canon EOS 450D + Canon 18-55 IS
  • 50mm
  • 1/6 s.
  • f/8
  • ISO 100

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