“Là-haut”, Hohneck, Alsace, 2010.

I could have named this picture, “The border” or something like that. It’s the point where everything change: under it, it’s cold, darkness and fog; above, it’s hot, luminous and sunny.

Imagine opening your shutters in the morning and see a carpet of clouds in front of your windows, what a view!

This little house is pretty funny by the way: the shutters are green painted an the outside and red painted on the inside, making different combination of colours depending of which ones are opened or closed.

Available as a print!

Tools and exifs:

  • EOS 450D + 18-55mm IS
  • 18mm
  • 1/640 s.
  • f/8
  • ISO 200

More on the Hohneck and its surrounding:

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