Le Butineur

“Le Butineur”, Sweet William (dianthus barbatus) and cabbage butterfly (pieris brassicae), 2010.

Dianthus barbatus bear the mysterious English common name of Sweet William. Several explanations exists, variously linking it to William Shakespeare, William of Cumberland, William the Conqueror, etc., while another attempt make it a corruption of the French œillet, the name of the flower in French. Speaking about French, in this language the flower is frequently associated with poets, which would support the William Shakespeare hypothesis. I, French, it is also said bearded, a name that is found in German too (Bertnelke).

The adult cabbage butterfly eats nectar from plants, but its caterpillar is fond of plants containing mustard-oil glucosides, like cabbage, mustard or radish. That’s not random of course: eating those plants give them an horrible taste that keeps predators at bay…as long as they are not too hungry of course! As its food is often found in crops, the cabbage butterfly is often considered as a pest.

Tools and exifs:

  • Canon EOS 450D + Canon 55-250mm IS
  • 250mm
  • 1/200 s.
  • f/8
  • ISO 200

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