Light and shadows

“Light and shadow” Cathedral of Strasbourg, 2012.

Opposite view to the other picture of the nave of the cathedral of Strasbourg. I’ve taken this picture while I was working for a commission, it was realized while the cathedral was closed and with special authorization, as non-clergy people aren’t normally allowed in the choir of the cathedral (of any church actually).

The foreground show clearly the modifications done in 2004 to be in compliance with the recommendation of the Vatican II council: the balustrade which separated before the choir from the rest of the cathedral have been suppressed, the ground of the choir is now a slope downward in direction of the nave and new religious furniture have been added and put closer from the nave. For example, you see there the new altar in front, while the ancient one was in my back. The new altar, cathedra and pulpit are in marble from Carcassonne, which is red coloured, stripped white. Usually, I’m not too fond of contemporary furnitures in churches, because I think that most of the time they are poorly chosen and fit really badly with their environment (moreover, they often replace Gothic Revival furnitures, which fitted better), but here it’s not too bad, as the colours match well with the sandstone. The stall (on the left), are really ugly though.

In the background, you can see the rose, to which I have dedicated the series Rosa and the organ.

Available as a print here!

Tools and exifs:

  • Canon EOS 50D + Canon 18-200mm IS
  • HDR 5 exposures
  • 18mm
  • 20s. | 4s. | 1s. | 1/4s. | 1/15s.
  • f/8
  • ISO 100

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