A line of iced stakes attop a snowy mountain
“Line”, Hohneck, Alsace, 2009.

One of the oldest photography here, taken with the second camera I own in my life: still a Kodak, but a bridge this time, albeit only slightly better than the compact I own previously on image quality.

I still remember this day: there was a strong, ice-cold wind, in some place it blew nearly all the snow, which went then in sheltered area, where it piled up, sometime so much that only the top of the phone poles or houses were still visible.

Here it’s the mountain’s side exposed to wind: there wasn’t so much snow but the coldness of the wind made it rock hard like ice, and its force created an ice coating around every object as well as arabesques on the ground, somewhat like the icing of a cake. In some places, the ground wasn’t textured as it was here, but at the contrary totally polished: another reason to remember this day, because when I went down I fall on the ice and had some difficulties to sit in the next days.

I tried to show trough this image the inhospitality of this area, one of the most dangerous of all the Vosges, where several people die each year, either from fall or from cold after being surprised by a blizzard coming out of the blue. A common accident is inexperienced tourists who walk at the edge of the cliff, or rather on what they think is the edge of the cliff; but actually they’re walking on a relatively thin and fragile snow and ice bridge stretching several hundreds meters above sharp rocks.

Tools and exifs:

  • Kodak Easyshare ZD710
  • 6mm (=38mm with FF sensor)
  • 1/1000 s.
  • f/5.6
  • ISO 64

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